If you think Kurt Eichenwald should officially take a break from media in general, including traditional and social, raise your hand.

Just yesterday, Eichenwald was posting legal documents on Twitter saying he was “going to get you, you son of a bitch’; of course it was also reported the Dallas PD had never heard of any such police report. And now this morning on Good Morning America he says it was a series of jokes and a signal to a source?

Dude is whack. Eichenwald, not Stephanopoulous … ok, maybe he is too.

So a series of jokes … which no one found amusing but him. Or was it some signal to a secret source?

Or is he just trying to save face so he’s not fired for this nonsense?

It’s just bizarre.

Insanity indeed.

And is this insanity harming Newsweek?

Did Eichenwald break the law?

And that’s no joke.

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