There’s a clip going viral right now from the NRA convention in Houston over the weekend where Jason Selvig from “The Good Liars” comedy duo interviewed one of the attendees on the awful events in Uvalde, Texas.

In summary, the guy in orange says “more people are killed by hammers every year than guns” and his “Google it” demand of Selvig goes, much to the delight of liberal Twitter, horribly wrong for him. The video has close to one million views as of the writing of this post:

But, might we point out to libs like Elie Mystal below that they’re missing what Selvig just actually admitted and it’s what a lot of pro-gun people have been arguing? Because it’s pretty important and our readers already see where it’s going:

The guy in orange did get his facts wrong, but as Selvig confirmed in the video, the number of murders committed each year with rifles and those by hammers, fists, etc. is about the same:

So, the type of gun Dems and lib activists want to ban — a rifle — is responsible for not only a small percentage of all homicides, it’s not even used in the majority of mass shootings.  Here’s the fact-check via our colleague Katie Pavlich at Townhall:

The media is also having a tough time explaining to viewers what they mean by “assault rifle.” Here’s the latest from CNN:

And here’s Katie, again, pointing out the inconvenient truth: “In other words, ‘assault rifle is a made-up term that defines nothing”:

With that said, Gov. Kathy Hochul of New York appears to have dropped the “assault weapon”/”assault rifle” distinction from her new proposed legislation:

Gov. Hochul wants New Yorkers to obtain a license before purchasing *any* semiautomatic rifle:

A10503 (Jackson)/S. 9458 (Thomas):

Requires that an individual obtain a license prior purchasing a semiautomatic rifle. This is prospective and applies to purchases made on and after the effective date.

Good luck with that. Next stop, the Supreme Cout: