We’d like to point out that it’s not just conservatives dragging the Washington Post’s Taylor Lorenz today over her article on the Libs of TikTok account. Here’s lib Matthew Yglesias with some legit concerns regarding what she did and how the paper presented it.

First up, he points out that the “problem with the piece is that its *point* is clearly something like ‘Libs of TikTok is bad,'” which Lorenz’s colleagues and defenders don’t see as a problem at all because they, too, see the account as bad:

As Yglesias points out, Lorenz framed it as a news story and not an opinion piece:

“But because it’s structured as a news story (“here is the identity of the person behind the Libs of TikTok account”) it doesn’t have a clear thesis statement or the attributes of a well-constructed bit of opinion journalism where you defend the thesis against counterarguments.”

This is not what the WaPo published, or even tried to publish:

Lorenz isn’t going to be happy with this:

“But today we have too much uncanny valley stuff, takes that are structured as news stories often through the alchemy of ‘experts say.'”:

In other words, her identity is one big meh and Lorentz didn’t even touch on what’s going on with these teachers making public videos in the first place:

Lorenz lashed out at Yglesias over his thread and accused the account of having the goal of “driving LGBTQ ppl out of public life” as her defense:


Does Lorenz realize she just proved his point?

You know, maybe public school teachers and public employees in general should get the eff off social media?



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