Oh, is this bad now?

This is a tweet from ABC News but the underlying article is from the AP:

And why didn’t the police stop them you might ask?

Good question!

It’s because the people of Portland voted for a new law that prevents the police from stopping them:

Portland Police Bureau officials say that’s because of legislation passed by Oregon lawmakers this year, which restricts the tools they can use to confront people vandalizing buildings and causing mayhem.

Residents frustrated by the latest round of destructive demonstrations Tuesday questioned whether that meant anything goes now in Portland.

Why, yes, we can see why it might be frustrating when the police aren’t allowed to arrest criminals, but here we are:

Actions, meet consequences:


There’s always the next election!

And what happened to all the voices from last year cheering this sort of thing on?

And we do mean cheering:

And this is why we shouldn’t take anything the pro-riot forces say seriously ever again:


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