Ah, come on, VICE. You know this is a trash tweet, right?

“That’s not what the term “natural immunity’ means”:

Now, there is an argument they’re using “natural immunity” properly. . .

. . .but it’s the CDC that is using “natural immunity” as immunity acquired through “infection with the actual disease” — and everyone else — so we’ll go with that:

And VICE isn’t even using “natural immunity” as a substitute for “innate immunity.”  In the article, “natural immunity” is just people who think that if they get Covid it won’t be that bad:

But adopting the mindset that you’ll be OK and “natural immunity” will protect you, you’re not doing your part to protect yourself or others. “You’re getting the benefits from other people who do get the vaccine and walking through life on the coattails of others,” Fichtenbaum said. But your luck may run out eventually, especially given how transmissible the Delta variant is and the fact that mask mandates in several states have been walked back.

So, in other words, their take is “hot garbage”:

What’s crazy is that this tweet has been up for about 48 hours now:

“Seek better sources of information,” please:

It’s a war on science, even:

Well, only if Twitter were interested in doing things fairly: