NYC mayoral candidate Andrew Yang held a news conference on Tuesday to denounce this cartoon depicting him as a tourist who is just visiting the city he wants to govern:

Yang called the cartoon racist, saying it’s a “stereotype which has been used to divide and exclude people for hundreds of years”:


The cartoon was in response to this much-mocked answer he gave during a recent interview where he said Times Square was his favorite subway station:

Also in that interview, he literally embraced Asian racial stereotypes that he thinks are okay. From New York magazine:

As for his “favorite racial stereotypes,” the former presidential candidate goes with “benign” clichés about Asian people he feels he can relate to, like being really into food, loving bubble tea, and having a love/fear relationship with your parents. Yang also doubles down on his call for more police in the subway, sidesteps Ziwe’s question about his “stance on apartheid” with regards to Palestine and Israel, and reminisces about Jeremy Lin–induced “Linsanity.”

The NY Daily News hit back, reminding Yang of his record:

A mayoral candidate who failed to vote in several local elections, decamped to upstate New York during the height of the COVID pandemic, and who recently named the Times Square subway station his favorite among all underground New York City stops — called a press conference Tuesday to complain about a satirical Daily News cartoon depicting him as a tourist.

And they said the cartoon “is not a racial stereotype or racist caricature”:

This pivot from the math card to the race card comes with Yang now trailing badly in the polls:

As for the tourist label, maybe Yang should stop acting like a tourist? This backlash to his candidacy has been building, and it’s from libs:

Is comparing Yang to Michael Scott from “The Office” TV show racist, too?

Because this is something Yang’s own campaign has embraced:

Or is it racist to criticize Yang when he doesn’t know basic NYC history?

He’s been clueless for months and it’s just catching up to him:

And who can forget his trip to that “bodega”?