Well, look at this! From Axios:

Yes, it’s not problematic just like it wasn’t problematic to the people at the DOJ when Andrew McCabe was appointed to lead the Trump investigation after his wife was getting help from top Dems, including Hillary Clinton:

The “close colleague,” Nick McQuaid, is qualified for the role we’ll note:

And according to former Obama DOJ spox Matthew Miller, “he will be recused”:

But that’s not really good enough, is it? Time for a special counsel:

And we trust libs would feel very differently if this were a story about Donald Trump Jr., right?

Wait, Bill Clinton’s press secretary is throwing around Jeffrey Epstein allegations? What?

And Axios is right-wing now?

Guys, it’s an issue:

But one difference is that Jared and Ivanka aren’t under a federal investigation that we know about, but thanks for playing:


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