With it looking like Republican Gov. Matt Bevin suffered a narrow defeat in Kentucky last night, blue-checks are trying to turn that into a negative for President Donald Trump:

And Bevin’s loss is also bad news for Mitch “Cocaine” McConnell:

Um, are the out of their ever-loving minds? Here’s how voting in Kentucky REALLY went last night for the GOP:

The most important of those races was probably Daniel Cameron’s win in the Attorney General’s race:

It’s really strange that libs aren’t talking about this, right?

Cameron is referred to as a “young protégé of U.S. Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell,” so maybe Mitch isn’t in trouble after all:

And let’s take a look at the Trump effect:

Dems can pretend this isn’t the case, but at their own risk:

And we’ll see what happens in Louisiana next week: