Primanti Bros., the iconic Pittsburgh-based sandwich shop, came through big time for a guy going through a breakup with his girlfriend.

“Just………ruin me with fries,” wrote the heartbroken guy on his online order. “I’m drinking this handle of Canadian Club. I’m trying to get her face out of my head. and all this fat bastard is asking you for is just F*CK ME UP with fries so I can drink and eat my troubles away”:

And they did just that! The restaurant not only “f*cked him up with fries,” but threw in a free piece of pie:

The orderer was so grateful that he left a glowing review, saying “I’m about half in the grave, but these folks made me smile EVEN ONCE against what I’m dealing with”:

Now, we don’t know what’s next for our hero Cory, but corporate is involved:

But whatever corporate wants, Cory’s job is safe. Phew:

Stay tuned…