While you were sleeping, the race between Dem Conor Lamb and Republican Rick Saccone came down to the wire with the New York Time reporting that with all precincts reporting, Lamb leads by only 677 votes:

NBC News calls Lamb the “apparent winner”:

There are still some absentee ballots to count, but it doesn’t look good for Saccone:

And it doesn’t sound like Saccone is ready to concede:

There is some good news for the GOP, however. It’s unlikely that a candidate with Lamb’s moderate views will be able to win in Dem primaries in other red districts like Lamb was able to:

But get ready for all the “GOP in trouble” stories. They’re coming:

Also note, because of redistricting in the state, Lamb will likely run in the new PA-17 district come November:

With Sacco running in the PA-14: