For many viewers, the ads are what make the Super Bowl worth watching. And thanks to social media, we no longer have to wait for the actual game to watch the ads, which is nice … especially if the game turns into a blowout.

We already told you about this fantastic ad from Budweiser, but here it is again:

And here are 25 other ads for your viewing pleasure!

Doritos vs. Mountain Dew with Morgan Freeman and Peter Dinklage

More Doritos/Dew:

Bud Light’s next “Dilly Dilly” ad:

Another Bud Light ad:

“The Voice,” which does a pretty good job mocking all Super Bowl ads:



More Olympics:

Even more Olympics:

Oh, you thought we were done with the Olympics?



Jack in the Box featuring Martha Stewart:

Sprint (creepy):

Skittles with David Schwimmer:

M&M’s with Danny Devito:

“Jack Ryan” on Amazon Prime:

Keanu Reeves for Squarespace:

Matt Damon for Stella Artois:

Kentucky Fried Chicken with Reba Mcentire:

Michelob Ultra with Chris Pratt:

Diet Coke:

Yellow Tail wine:

Enjoy the game and see you Sunday for full Twitchy coverage!