The title belows calls this an “EPIC VIDEO,” and it really does meet the hype.

The clip starts out with the unidentified man shouting words of praise at former President Bill Clinton as he sits in the back of a black SUV while stopped at at traffic light in Manhattan.

“You the best president man,” our local hero declared. “Trump gotta go! Trump gotta go, Bill Clinton! Trump gotta go!”

The man added, “Alright, best president alive, man!”

But then things went south when he asked, “How’s Monica?”


That’s when a visibly annoyed Clinton started rolling up the window, ending our man-on-the street fun-and-games. The clip ends with the man laughing and saying, “N****r put the window up when I said, ‘How’s Monica?'”


The window going up at the end is what really sells it:

And on the anniversary of it all?

Day. Made.

“Blindsided Bill”: We like it!