Do you live in Alabama and in need of a new roof? Well, then, Digital Roofing Innovations might be the company for you as they’re offering a free AR-15 with every new roof.

Here’s the ad that’s now gone viral:


Here’s more from CBS News:

“Donald Trump says, ‘Make America great again.’ I say, ‘Make America gun again,'” co-owner Zach Blenkinsopp says in the ad. “If you sign up for a new room with Digital Roofing Innovations, you are going to get you a free AR-15 rifle after we complete the roof.”

And can we take a moment to credit this entrepreneur for using social media to his advantage?

“We don’t have a huge budget right now for marketing, so what can we do that’s super cheap that might go viral and this was it,” co-owner Chris McGuire said in defense of the deal.”

Hey, even liberals can get in on this fantastic deal:

Smart lady.


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