Last month Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot said she won’t quit until her city is the safest in America.

The big focus on crime must mean an election is just around the corner:

Nine people are on the Feb. 28 ballot for mayor of Chicago, including Lori Lightfoot, who is aiming to land her second term after four years in office marked by crises and challenge, and eight others who are trying to unseat her.

The candidates include a multimillionaire businessman and a community activist, a congressman, two City Council members, a former schools chief, a state representative and a Cook County commissioner. They range in age from 27 to 74. Several have made previous runs at City Hall’s top job. Many have sought to show their progressives bona fides, others say they’d be tougher on crime — a dominant issue.

Crime is a big issue for Chicago mayoral candidates, but Lightfoot explained during a debate how she’s been helping on that front:

Keeping repeat offenders off the street seems to be an option that’s off the table, so instead Chicago street vendors are advised to avoid cash and up their credit/debit card acceptance game.

That’s where this is headed.

Keeping repeated perps behind bars would apparently be too simple of a solution.



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