Earlier this month the Biden administration announced a diplomatic boycott of the Winter Olympics taking place in China in a few weeks. U.S. athletes will still be competing at the Games, however.

Japan has also announced that they won’t be sending a government delegation to China in February:

MSNBC senior producer Kyle Griffin caught some attention with this tweet describing the “alleged” reason for U.S. and Japan’s diplomatic boycott of the Olympics in China:

One word in that tweet caught so much attention that it trended on Twitter:

How many claims about Trump has MSNBC presented as fact while human rights abuses in China are only “alleged”?

NBC might frown upon any negative talk about China at this point in time:

So that’s the reason Griffin trod so lightly around the issue of China’s human rights abuses… allegedly.

NBC is so far in absolutely no danger of being prevented from covering the Games in China.

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