Babylon Bee CEO Seth Dillion knows a thing or two about Twitter bans — The Babylon Bee’s Twitter account was suspended after it misgendered Rachel Levine by awarding her “Man of the Year.” Libs of TikTok, which is now backed by Dillion, has been suspended again, this time for seven days, for “hateful conduct,” although Dillion says no specific tweets were flagged in the complaint. Dillion has an attorney fire off a letter to Twitter saying he will sue them if Libs of TikTok is permanently suspended.

“Finally, Twitter’s censorship activities are not going unnoticed,” reads the letter. “Outside of perhaps the Gilded Age of a bygone era, rarely has a multi-billion-dollar company’s words — claiming to be “the free speech wing of the free speech party while censoring journalism — so contradicted its actions.”

Of course, a lot of people are responding that Libs of TikTok should be permanently banned because it engages in “stochastic terrorism” campaigns against children’s hospitals by — gasp! — reposting their own videos.

That’s why they keep trying to redefine conservatism as white Christian nationalism, extreme MAGA, and “Christofascism.” If that who you think your “enemy” is, you’ll think you’re righteous in shutting it down however you can.


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