The big question about 2024 is whether or not Donald Trump decides to run again. Plenty of NeverTrumpers will say they left the Republican Party because it was taken over by Trumpers and then claim they stand for principled conservatism while urging everyone to join them in voting for Joe Biden and then cheering him on despite his disastrous polling. Even McMullin is making noises about running again, Liz Cheney and Adam Kinzinger are both testing the waters, but The Atlantic seems to think everybody’s overlooking someone: former congressman Will Hurd.

In a piece headlined, “The Revenge of the Normal Republicans,” The Atlantic makes the case for Hurd. Or more precisely, Hurd makes the case for himself to The Atlantic.

Everybody’s invited to run in the Republican primary — let’s see if Hurd can win over the “normal” Republicans.

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The Atlantic’s Tim Alberta is not owned, you guys:


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