We know, the headline says it all … although to be politically correct, we put the word “women” in quotation marks, just as the Orlando Sentinel put the word “female” in quotation marks when Gov. Ron DeSantis honored swimmer Emma Weyant. There’s been a raging battle over biological males participating in women’s sports, but we’ve been assured over and over again that there’s “little scientific evidence” that biological males have an advantage (that’s courtesy of NBC News). And remember when all the top military brass started trolling Tucker Carlson on Twitter after he complained about the feminization of the military? “Get right before you get left, boomer,” tweeted an official Marine Twitter account.

The U.S. Army didn’t think males had any physical advantage over females and planned to use the same physical fitness test for men and women, but that didn’t pan out, according to The Hill.

Ellen Mitchell reports:

Following a three-year review, the Army has scrapped plans to use the same physical fitness test for all soldiers, choosing instead to have some reduced standards to allow women and older soldiers to pass, the service announced Wednesday.

The decision follows a RAND-led study that found men were more easily passing the new, more difficult Army Combat Fitness Test (ACFT) compared to women and older soldiers, who were “failing at noticeably higher rates.” That six-event test developed in 2019 was an expansion from the three events — pushups, situps and a run — soldiers had done prior.

This goes against everything we’ve been told.

Shouldn’t it be “birthing people” or “menstruators”?