Tony Kinnett of Chalkboard Review tipped us off the other day to that Sex Ed Summer Camp for kids in third, fourth, and fifth grade. That was being held in Indianapolis, and now Kinnett is back with more dispatches from Indianapolis. This one is about the “anti-racist” workbook distributed to Indianapolis Public Schools teachers and staff.

Liberals like to claim that critical race theory is only taught in law school, yet when you say you want to ban it from public school, they get very agitated. If they’re not teaching it, why get worked up over it getting banned? As we say all the time, it’s not that critical race theory is being taught as a classroom subject to school children; rather, it’s taught to teachers and administrators, who then integrate it into the curriculum and classroom discussions. One objection parents have is that it inevitably leads to students being grouped into “oppressors” and “the oppressed.” And that’s what this anti-racist training does.

Lesson 10 defines “racism”: Racism is defined as “social and institutional power combined with race prejudice. It is a system of advantage for those considered white, and of oppression for those who are not considered white. It is a white supremacy system.”

We always say that critical race theory is just Marxism applied to race as well as class; check this out:

The construction of race has continued throughout US history and has been central to US economic development, including the development of wealth and power as we have exploited those, not classified as white, in order to advance agriculture, ranching, railroads, mining, manufacturing, etc. The story of race is the story of labor. We have “let” folks into the family of “white” as we need their numbers and no longer need to exploit their labor.

We remember a recent president who tried to root out this sort of training from government agencies, but President Joe Biden overturned all of his executive orders on Day 1.


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