We could fill several posts with videos from Australia showing the police converging on people who’ve left their homes for a cigarette or some fresh air. In late August, Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison made some sense, admitting that the nation’s policy of stamping out every single case of COVID-19 was “not a sustainable way to live in this country.” Some people are going to get sick, some will be hospitalized, some may die. But it was a goal as ridiculous as President Joe Biden’s statement that 98 percent of Americans need to be vaccinated before things can get “back to normal.”

Australia needs something along the lines of a Black Lives Matter movement for people arrested for leaving their homes. We really admire the woman who shot this video:

And here’s a bonus video. There are plenty floating around, but this one popped into our timeline:

They’re right … what’s truly scary isn’t the virus but the fact that the police are willing to go to these lengths to restrict freedom over a virus with a 99 percent-plus survival rate.

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Here’s some gold from The Babylon Bee: