The recall election is underway in California, and radio host Larry Elder is putting in a good showing against Gov. Gavin Newsom. It was last weekend when Elder fired back after a Los Angeles Times ran a column calling him “the black face of white supremacy.” On Friday, the Los Angeles Times did a piece about the questions swirling over Elder’s private charity. Do they have reporters to track down where the money went, or is it just that “questions swirl”?

Seriously, check out the Los Angeles Times’ coverage of Elder this week:

“No wonder liberals think Larry Elder is a walking Armageddon, an asteroid hurling toward Sacramento.” And all of these are just from this week; there’s plenty more from the week before. Do you think there might be any overlap between “liberals” and “LA Times writers”?

There’s not even any shame in the hit pieces that they do run. “The black face of white supremacy.”