President Trump visited Kenosha, Wisc., Tuesday to survey the damage left from rioting over the shooting of Jacob Blake in the back by a Kenosha police officer. The president didn’t meet with Blake’s family, allegedly because the family didn’t want to make it political. It will certainly be made political Thursday when Joe and Jill Biden meet with the Blake family on Biden’s trip to Kenosha.

But Jacob Blake Sr. had said he wasn’t going to meet with Trump because he didn’t want to make things political: “I’m not getting into politics. It’s all about my son, man. It has nothing to do with a photo op,” he said.

Hear that, Joe? It has nothing to do with a photo op. And some friendly advice: Don’t tell Blake “you ain’t black” or ask if he’s a junkie.

Seeing as Joe Biden, while vice president in 2014, headed up the White House’s “It’s On Us” campaign to bring awareness to sexual assault on college campuses, will the Bidens be making a second visit, or is his interest in sexual assault limited to college campuses?

If we wanted this sort of pandering from a president we would have elected Jesse Jackson back in ’88.