Reporting that Joe Biden had picked Kamala Harris as a running mate is a news story, sure. And that in itself is the news story; we should have moved on by now to press conferences where the two actually answer questions rather than duck out, but instead, we’re still seeing “news” stories that wouldn’t be out of place in People Magazine. It’s not like we don’t know who Harris is — if we didn’t see it in her Senate career, her grilling of Brett Kavanaugh, or the Democratic primary debates, we probably don’t need to be told.

But the Associated Press has gone all-in on its profile of Harris, describing her rapid political rise.

Funny how her rapid rise was driven by a call to action, even though “call to action” never appears in the story.

Kathleen Ronayne and Maryclaire Dale report:

From her earliest years, Harris’ path toward the second-highest office in the United States has tracked the nation’s struggle for racial equality. The start-and-stop progress and sometimes messy debate have shaped her life, from an upbringing by immigrant parents, a childhood among civil rights activists, a career at the helm of a flawed criminal justice system and her rapid ascent to the top of Democratic politics.

Those experiences forged a politician who is unafraid to buck the political powers that be, but also charts a cautious course through policy debates. As a senator and candidate, she’s emerged as a leader who knows the power of tough questioning and a viral moment, and also the weight of her role as a voice for women of color.

It is nice that while laying out the trajectory of Harris’ political career, the two note that she and then-California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown “briefly dated,” and it was he who sent her on “her first foray into state politics.”

As we said, they did address that — in the space of four words.

Now, that’s been fact-checked by the Washington Post: She didn’t actually use the word “racist” when she was accusing Biden of being a racist who hung around with other racists passing racist legislation.