It’s not a new thought; people have been passing around on social media a fake form for COVID-19 lockdown protesters to sign refusing medical treatment for any coronavirus-related medical complications.

White House correspondent April Ryan wants to know, though; should stay-at-home protesters have to sign waivers refusing medical attention so they don’t end up taking up a valuable ventilator for someone who did observe the quarantine?

We’ve actually seen the opposite and maybe we could strike a deal — how about if anyone who tweets that hydroxychloroquine is a dangerous and untested drug being “pushed” by President Trump signs a form refusing the treatment in the case they contract COVID-19?

Of course, these “waivers” would be symbolic, but what’s very real is police departments tweeting that protesting is a non-essential activity.

Here are some of the “yea” votes, with some calling the protesters “terrorists.” It doesn’t take long to be confined to your home to start losing it.

But if you’re in a grocery store …

Yeah, tweets like these aren’t making us lose any sympathy for the stay-at-home protesters. At all.

And here’s the other side.

Something tells us any one of the shelter-in-place folks would take Trump’s magic potion if they contracted COVID-19 somehow.