The whole neck-nuzzling and hair-sniffing thing became such a distraction that Joe Biden actually put out a video explaining his behavior and promising not to do it anymore … and for the most part, Biden has kept his nose out of women’s hair on the campaign trail.

However, Vox is throwing him under the bus for calling a woman “sweetheart.”

Anya van Wagtendonk spills the dirt:

[Lyz] Lenz also referred to Biden’s comments in February in which he referred to Vice President Mike Pence, a vocal opponent of many LGBTQ rights, as a “decent guy.” (Biden walked back those comments on Twitter shortly afterwards, saying there is “nothing decent about being anti-LGBTQ rights.”)

At the forum, Biden said that this was how one must speak when attempting to reach across the aisle “when you want to get things done.” When Lenz pushed back, saying Pence has not been decent to queer people, Biden responded, “You’re a lovely person.”

Lenz wrote on Twitter afterwards that Biden also called her “a real sweetheart” backstage. She later called these interactions “a little condescending,” and told the USA Today, “It’s 2019, you shouldn’t be calling women sweethearts.”

But it’s Uncle Joe … come on, man, give him a break! It’s funny if you’re a man asking about his son’s business dealings in Ukraine he’ll wave his finger in your face (or maybe challenge you to a wrestling match), but if you’re a woman who asks an uncomfortable question, he says, “You’re a lovely person.”

Dictabelt … that’s good. Either that or a shellac 78 for the old record player.

That’s why we’re drawing attention to it, duh.