It was really no surprise that most of the journalists sharing a campaign plane with Hillary Clinton in 2016 were coddling her, certain they were traveling with the next president of the United States.

And then came Wikileaks’ dump of John Podesta’s emails, which more explicitly spelled out which journalists were open to “fact-checking” before publication and which reporters could be relied on to consistently “tee-up” stories the campaign wanted out there in print.

Attorney and forthcoming author James Hasson has put together a great thread reminding us just how many journalists were straight-up coordinating with the Clinton campaign in 2016, and who will likely be doing to the same for the 2020 nominee.

Check it out:

Thrush even called himself a “hack” in the email and asked Podesta to please not share or tell anyone he did it.

And that’s why the RNC won’t be inviting John Harwood to moderate any more debates, thanks very much. Ahem:

And like the New York Times’ executive editor has said, the Mueller report was a dud, so now it’s time to pivot to Trump’s white supremacy. The narrative’s already written — all the Democrat candidates have to do is run with it.

Oh yeah, we’d forgotten about her.

Yeah, expect more of the same this time around. It would be nice if this reminder would inspire Republicans to change things, or at least take President Trump a little more seriously when he calls “fake news” the “enemy of the people.”