Back in February, Twitchy reported on protests going on at an elementary school in Birmingham, United Kingdom. The school had mandated something called the “No Outsiders” project, the aim of which was to “celebrate difference and diversity” and keep the school in compliance with the U.K.’s Equality Act 2010, which took previous anti-discrimination laws and brought them all under one umbrella.

In other words, the elementary school was planting the seeds of LGBT acceptance, and the majority Muslim population was not happy about it, threatening to pull their children out of the school. “It’s good to teach children about respect and values but the sexual orientation aspect is against our principles,” said one mother and father.

A month later, the school dropped the “No Outsiders” project after hundreds of parents pulled their children from the school for a day in protest.

We’d thought that was the end of it, by Sky News on Tuesday posted video of Labour MP Angela Eagle literally breaking into tears on the floor of Parliament in response to protests at another elementary school in Birmingham:

Sky News reports, almost mournfully:

A gay MP broke down in the House of Commons arguing in favour of lessons about same-sex relationships.

Angela Eagle told MPs: “We aren’t going to get back into the closet or hide or be ashamed nor are we going to allow a generation of pupils that are now in school to go through what the pupils of the 80s had to go through because this chamber let them down.

“And nor are we going to let this to happen in the name of religion.”

She was responding to fellow Labour MP Roger Godsiff, who has spoken in support of protesters who held weeks of demonstrations outside Anderton Park Primary school in his Birmingham constituency.

They argue that primary school children should not be taught that it is okay to be gay or told some families have same-sex parents.

“Nor are we going to let this to happen in the name of religion?” Is someone throwing down the gauntlet against Muslim immigrants who have decided not to adopt the country’s LGBT-friendly culture? That’s not very intersectional.

Huh. We remember some people warning about taking in huge numbers of immigrants who had no intention of assimilating, but they were just xenophobes.

What, does Eagle want the Muslim immigrants to act a little more … English? Sounds pretty xenophobic.


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