As Twitchy reported earlier, either CNN legal analyst Susan Hennessey either forgot to delete her tweets or she still hasn’t seen the irony in her being disturbed by the idea that a sitting president might use the intelligence community to investigate the other party’s campaign.

What had her bothered was this tweet from POLITICO, which followed a 15-minute phone interview with the president:

Oh, that Ukraine thing with his son, Hunter. “Certainly it would be an appropriate thing to speak to [Attorney General William Barr] about, but I have not done that as of yet. … It could be a very big situation,” Trump told POLITICO Friday.

So, in short, the president hasn’t done anything, but that hasn’t kept liberals from freaking out about it. Ronald Klain, whose Twitter bio is a potpourri from which we’ve plucked former Ebola czar, was also outraged.

That’s kicked off a back-and-forth with Sen. Ted Cruz.

Oh, they’re still going with the angle that they were “spying” on Donald Trump to protect him from Russian interference.

Cruz seems to have hit a nerve here with the usual suspects:

This is going to get so good.


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