We have to thank the Washington Post and the New York Times for the tips on how to describe the former vice president’s touchy-feely tendencies: Joe Biden has an “affectionate, physical style with women” and also a “tactile style of retail politicking.” Thanks also to Sen. Dianne Feinstein, who made it clear that Biden’s affectionate, physical style is “hardly sexy.”

He really does nothing more than put an arm around a woman for a photo-op, and then maybe sniff her hair a little bit and go in for a kiss on the back of the neck if she doesn’t clench up with discomfort.

David Sirota is now Bernie Sanders’ speechwriter, and he’d like to emphasize that the Sanders camp has nothing to do with all of these allegations coming forward, even though the first woman was a huge Sanders supporter in 2016. In fact, it makes Sanders’ campaign manager’s blood boil that people suggest there’s anything political going on.

Speaking of timing, two more women have come forward and told their Biden stories to the New York Times.

It’s not Bernie, OK?

He said he’d probably announce in late April, which leaves plenty of time for all of this to get ahead of him.

It’s true. Alyssa Milano can vouch for the guy.

As long as he didn’t intend to make her uncomfortable, it doesn’t matter how Milano felt, comfortable or not. At least as far as Biden goes.

It’s amazing how many Democrats (and even #NeverTrumpers) are solely focused on getting Donald Trump out of the White House that anything is excusable and these women should just shut up … until a Democrat is elected and #MeToo becomes a real thing again.