As Twitchy reported, Chad Felix Greene kicked the hornets’ nest the other day in The Federalist with a piece describing how, for him, it was more of a stigma to come out as a conservative than it was to come out as gay.

The progressive masses then descended, proving his point: no one had any problem with him being gay, but being a conservative was a horrific lifestyle choice that called for him to be silenced and ostracised. And then there was “sports” site Deadspin. Oh, Deadspin:

Deadspin’s piece, “Conservative Gays Need To Shut The F**k Up,” was written by Lauren Theisen, who also took a shot at Barstool Sports writer Pat, who didn’t appreciate being called a “traitorous queer” and “a much more boring example of queer identity.”

Pat wrote his own piece over at Barstool Sports, which actually reports on sports, incidentally:

Newsflash babe, I don’t “allow discrimination” and I don’t get “performatively heated” over anything other than Shawn Mendes performing in the rain.

What I do do is not take life too seriously. I understand that different people have different opinions. I don’t force my beliefs down others’ throats and I understand that sometimes calling someone out does more harm than good. I don’t have to act a certain way or inject myself into every conversation that I don’t agree with.

As far as my, “complicity in my boss’s ongoing harassment campaigns against women in sports media” goes, I have nothing to say other than this is the same tired argument we’ve heard time and again from the attention-starved writers at Deadspin trying to hang onto whatever thread of relevancy they have left. (In this case, none.)

If you have anything else to say, call me up tomorrow morning on Barstool Breakfast, 7-9AM 833-857-8665. That’s 833-85-STOOL. Other than that, take your own advice: shut the f**k up, and keep my name out yo mouth.

Well said.