Apparently taking inspiration from The Guardian, BuzzFeed News is going to add a donate button to the end of each article, allowing readers to fund the site voluntarily.

The question now is, will they? Liberals couldn’t donate money fast enough to a GoFundMe account set up for fired FBI agent Peter Strzok, but will they click a button at the bottom of an article they just read to donate up to $100?

On the other hand …

The problem as we see it: first, BuzzFeed never should have split off its news section from the listicles of cute kittens, and second, big names like CNN like to snipe talent from sites like BuzzFeed, so keeping the newsroom stocked could be a problem as well.

Hey, ain’t no harm in asking:

Give them money to make more journalism — simple enough. In the spirit of BuzzFeed, check out these five must-see GIFs about BuzzFeed asking for donations:

Hey, remember when BuzzFeed started selling “Failing Pile of Garbage” T-shirts after they published in full the bogus Steele dossier that no other outlet would touch because it couldn’t be verified? That kind of real journalism? They must have some leftover revenue from that move. Or just get Trump to insult them again and make new T-shirts. Or just give Strzok his own column — he has time now.