Obviously, it’s no surprise that Bernie Sanders, who took off on a plane to the Soviet Union the day after his wedding to wife Jane, was hypercritical of President Donald Trump’s performance during a joint presser with Vladimir Putin Monday in Helsinki, Finland.

“Idiot president” is pretty rough, especially coming from Bernie Sanders, who wanted desperately to be that idiot president in 2016.

In any case, it’s amazing Sanders even found time today to tweet about the presidential summit, seeing as he was so busy pushing his #CEOsvsWorkers hashtag all day and going after corporations like Disney, Amazon, American Airlines, Walmart, and McDonald’s for not at the very least offering a $15 an hour starting wage.

In doing so, Sanders set up a sham town hall and invited the CEOs of the aforementioned companies to … be shamed for being successful?

So we could either watch a summit between two presidents or a “town hall” in which a socialist senator talks to a row of empty chairs. Hmm, which to choose. Both in one day would just be too much.

The CEO of McDonald’s makes more than a high school kid who got a part-time job at McDonald’s to make some extra spending money? NO WAY.

Up to $423 million? That would buy a lot of houses … but who really needs more than one house, right?

OH, THE SUSPENSE! They’re probably busy working … like Bernie should be, instead of counting people’s bathrooms.

Too bad there’s no Soviet Union for Sanders to go back to, just to reminisce about the good old days.