In a lengthy story posted Thursday night, CNN shared the concerns of several people who believe the language President Donald Trump and NRA spokesperson Dana Loesch have used to describe the Parkland, Fla., school shooter could be harmful.

At issue were Loesch’s use of the words “nuts” and “crazy” during CNN’s town hall on the school shooting, as well as Trump’s tweet calling Nikolas Cruz a “savage sicko.”

CNN reports:

The American Psychological Association cautions that it is important to keep gun policy and mental health policy in distinct categories.

“Science shows the most consistent and powerful predictor of future violence is a history of violent behavior, not a diagnosable — or diagnosed — mental illness. The mental health needs of the country are separate from the issue of mass shootings,” association CEO Arthur C. Evans Jr. said.

Actually, Cruz did have a history of violent — even savage — behavior, so we’re still not sold that “savage sicko” is that far off the mark. We’re also fairly sure that Trump and Loesch aren’t alone in their assessments.

Remember when CNN had a fit when Michael Moore insensitively released a film called “Sicko”? No, we don’t either.

Or when they did a similar report after a congressman called President Trump “a crazy”?

P.S. Tell Chris Cillizza to stop using “insane,” OK? It’s harmful:

Thank goodness this guy’s out of office.