It’s not the first time President Trump and the intelligence community have been at odds, but as Twitchy reported, people were throwing around the word “treason” quite a bit today at the suggestion that Trump had sided with Russian President Vladimir Putin and agreed that there was no Russian meddling in the 2016 election.

In short, the Kremlin denies that Trump and Putin talked about the 2016 election during their encounter at the APEC summit; Trump suggested they did; and CIA director Mike Pompeo and former director Michael Hayden both confirmed U.S. intelligence findings that Russia had tampered in the election, with Hayden tweeting:

At a time when people on social media are calling for Trump to be executed for treason, it’s nice to check in with someone like National Review contributing editor Andrew McCarthy for a balanced viewpoint.

And in response to Hayden’s tweet:

That’s a lot to jam into a tweet (even a 280-character one), but it’s a fair assessment. A full year after an election that The Resistance still doesn’t consider legitimate, no way is Trump going to concede an inch on the narrative that Russians hacked the election and handed it to him. And as far as proof that Russia in any way influenced the election … The Resistance has been waiting a year for that as well.

And yeah … why didn’t the IC seize the DNC’s servers that had supposedly been hacked by the Russians?

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