A purse to carry watermelons

”The Emoji Movie”

Crocs designed after Kentucky Fried Chicken

We frequently see items produced for the marketplace that nobody actually asked for in the first place. Possibly adding to this list is the announcement that a new version of a soft drink is coming out. It is not entirely certain who it is for.

Yes…this is a thing.

Well…there is a reason behind that.

At least they are not taking this seriously. That seems appropriate.

This enterprise is rife with problematics. So you are taking an already over-sweet cola and adding a pure sugar product coated in colored sugar? That sounds like a diabetic-bomb.

Mind – blown

And just to add to the flavor dysphoria, the Peeps company has some new varieties for the coming Easter holiday.

Well, we had a good run. May as well go out with this blaze of infamy.

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