There was some big breaking news from the world of political punditry, made by big political pundit Toure’. He let it be known at CNN this morning there was a big argument that erupted on the set of Jake Tapper’s show with White House aide Stephen Miller.

Toure’ was retweeted over 1,800 times, thousands of likes, and hundreds of comments made by his fan base. Most were uniformly derisive about Miller.

Except, Toure’sreactionary followers were all dumping on Miller over a segment they did not see. Yes, we understand the knee-jerk need to overreact about something political and someone you oppose.

Only, there is a slight detail — it did not take place. At least not today…

A fine question. Yes, all of the networks have been socially separating for some time now.

Indeed. Toure’ is ”breaking a story from…January 2018?

It was not like Toure’ picked up on this detail. Nearly 3 hours after his announcement of history, he was still tweeting about it.

Finally, word got to Toure’ that he was not sourcing things accurately, to be as charitable as possible about him commenting on an event of which he had no firsthand knowledge. Apparently, word filtered down to the actual host of the show in question and he reached to get some clarity on the scenario.

Seems there was a reason it never dawned on the pundit that the show differed from all the others these days with segregated guests and hosts on a remote feed. In true TDS fashion, Toure’ passed off the responsibility. He declared this was a result of counting on a Daily Kos email — something that is never recommended.

Well, when you have a story this good (and a memory this bad) there is just no reason to verify it. This HAS to go out to the minions!

This we know –, especially from this source…