Now, the last thing we want to do around here is stifling the output of Washington Post Conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin. The gal is just a great material generator, after all. But sometimes you do feel the need to pull her aside and counsel her with a gentle, ”Jenn – just, NO.”

The latest is in her taking exception with a post that was featured by Jonathon Turley on his personal website. It was not well-advised for her to send it out.

Just nine words, and Rubin invites all manner of retorts from the ether.

Yes, Ms. Rubin referring to anyone else as possessing mentally questionable qualities is a sheer case of the Pot calling the Chronic ”Hemp”.

It would be one thing if Rubin was merely taking exception with Turley’s opinion and disputing his claim. Except – he was not making the claim. See, what Rubin fell prey to here was simply doing the headline reading/reacting bit that trips up so many on social media.

Had she actually bothered to read the piece she was commenting on Rubin would see she is lambasting Turley and denigrating his character — over a column he did not write.

Well, technicalities aside…

These are technicalities, details interrupting the convenient outrage from Ms. Rubin which she would prefer you do not look into.

Just like her supposed conservative title she operates under.