For weeks now we have endured the pedantic calls for the impeachment of President Trump because of the way he strong-armed an allied nation. He “threatened” Ukraine 8 times! (That story disappeared.) He leveraged a quid pro quo! (What happened to that accusation?) He forced a country to investigate a political opponent! (Yea, not so much.)

All of this was to show what a vengeful and mean-spirited venal leader he was and completely unfit for the Presidency as a result.

Well, today that has all changed. According to Newsweek President Trump is now a complete pushover in these global scenarios.

Soooooo…he’s a power-mad despot who forces world leaders to do his bidding, AND he gets railroaded by world leaders because he is so weak and lacking in bravery. Suuuure…

This is the same mentality that gave us George Bush as the “dumbest President in history” who also managed to cravenly fool all of Congress and dozens of our international allies as he lied about going to war in Iraq!!!

Got it. When he appears forceful it is actually those who were hired by him, but when he is weak that is all Trump!

Now, to grasp the flailing taking place at Newsweek this entire story is based on a lone source: It comes from “A National Security Council official to whom Newsweek spoke on condition of anonymity.” So for the second time in weeks, we have a national outrage based on a lone anonymous source. This is exactly the same status as the whistleblow-up-in-their-faces regarding Ukraine.

Also, if true, it means we have someone willing to come forward with details of classified phone calls from the Executive branch. Somebody from the NSC is willing to leak Presidential communications with our allies in order to impugn the character of the President? Seems like THAT would be the bigger story here Newsweek, correct?

Then comes this nugget of information: the troops that we are pulling out of the area are not exactly a force that would tip the scales of a conflict. We are taking out a small contingent from just two locations in that area.

This is what has everyone all excitable this afternoon – the removal of barely two dozens troops. But hey, this allows for the latest Trump outrage — even if it contradicts last week’s Trump outrage.

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