Everything is not terrible. Not today, at least:


Texas Supreme Court Justice Don Willett was cited by Trump as a potential U.S. Supreme court pick during his presidential campaign. Dallas appellate lawyer James Ho is a former Texas solicitor general who has argued cases before state and federal courts.

 Willett — a prolific Twitter user whose wit with more than 96,000 followers and the title of Texas “Tweeter Laureate” –had gently mocked Trump in some tweets during the campaign for the White House.

Leonard Leo, adviser to Trump on judges, said Willett in particular shows Trump’s “commitment to picking judges who have a record of excellence and a commitment to a judicial role that is impartial rather than committed to a particular personal or legal agenda.”

Indeed. Credit where it’s due: This was a great move on Trump’s part. Good on him, and congratulations to Justice Willett!

Congratulations are also in order for Shoshana Weissmann, perhaps Justice Willett’s most enthusiastic cheerleader:

Enjoy this day, Shoshana.

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