It took far too long to happen, but the mainstream media have finally decided that yes, the Hunter Biden laptop story is kind of a big effing deal. Not that it’s really consequential at this point. Joe Biden is safely ensconced in the White House, and Hunter Biden is extremely unlikely to face any real consequences for any of the shady things he’s done.

But still. The MSM is talking about it, and that fact alone shows just how big of a story this is.

And that seems to be a real issue for Daniel Goldman, former lead counsel for the House impeachment inquiry and, among other things, MSNBC legal analyst. Goldman straight-up doesn’t want to hear another word about Hunter Biden:

The sketchiness factor is plenty high with Jared Kushner. And it’s perfectly fine to talk about that. But this isn’t a zero-sum game, Daniel. We can talk about Jared and Hunter. It’s easy if you try! Especially when you take into consideration that you’re, you know, a legal analyst at a major news network. You should have plenty to say about Hunter Biden, given all the legal issues surrounding him.

Is this the sort of legal analysis that MSNBC is going for? Because that would explain so much.


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