In case you missed it, the ruling Taliban have broken a heartfelt and sincere promise and are forbidding Afghan girls above the sixth grade from going to school. Who on earth could’ve seen this coming?

If you think you’re shocked, just imagine how U.S. Special Representative for Afghanistan Thomas West is feeling right now. He sounds like he’s just been completely blindsided:

You really didn’t see this coming, huh, Tom?

Interesting. Because from where we’re sitting, this looks a lot more like a public commitment to betraying the Afghan people (and the international community).

The Taliban’s “commitments to their people” are pretty much just commitments to terrorizing Afghan citizens, raping and enslaving and oppressing women and girls, and executing people for kicks and giggles. We’d say they’re living up to their commitments and then some.

There’s literally nothing shocking about any of this. At all.

Exactly. Exactly. Like, this is the effing Taliban we’re dealing with. If they were running for office, preventing girls from going to school would be one of the key components of their political platform.

The Taliban is just doing exactly what we’d expect them to do. Living down to our worst expectations, if you will.

As soon as Joe Biden pulled the trigger on the withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan, we predicted that we were in for an absolute humanitarian disaster. And wouldn’t you know it? We were right. Because even Stevie Wonder could’ve seen this coming. Literally everyone should’ve seen this coming.

The Taliban’s triumph is the Biden administration’s eternal shame. An indelible stain. To all those young girls whose lives are being destroyed by the Taliban, to all the Afghan people whose lives are being destroyed by the Taliban, we are so sorry. We are deeply disappointed in Joe Biden and his administration — but, truth be told, we’re not even remotely shocked by what they’ve done.

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