People love to give Fox News a hard time, but you know what? Even Fox’s harshest critics should be able to give props to Peter Doocy.

Unlike, say, Jim Acosta or April Ryan, Doocy has figured out how to take an adversarial journalistic approach to covering the current administration without showboating and performative BS. As viewers, we can certainly appreciate that. We can also appreciate that he knows how to sit back and let the Biden administration tie themselves into knots.

We’ve grown quite fond of his exchanges with Jen Psaki, of course, but his talent goes beyond just her. Take this moment, for instance:

All Doocy had to do was ask a straightforward and totally reasonable question — the sort of question that a FEMA official should be able to answer — and then sit back and enjoy with the rest of us.

Responding to simple questions with non-answers has become a trademark of the Biden administration. It’s truly fascinating, albeit annoying as hell.

Again, Doocy’s question was not a difficult one, or it shouldn’t’ve been difficult for someone involved in the program to distribute single-use N95/KN95 masks to hundreds of millions of Americans.

Why are we supposed to be listening to these people again?

And these clowns are supposed to be the adults in the room.

Total clown show.