There’s not much we can count on in this crazy world of ours, but at least we know that no matter how much things change, Cenk Uygur will always come through with a garbage take.

And following yesterday’s deadly terrorist attack in Kabul, boy, did he deliver:

The MSM favors the right wing? OK, pal. We’re also not sure what Cenk would know about ratings, since he doesn’t have any. But we digress.

This bizarre narrative we’ve been seeing over the past several weeks about Capitol rioters basically being the American version of the Taliban is not only offensive; it’s just plain stupid. The Taliban have murdered American citizens and are doing their damnedest to ensure that they can murder many more as the Biden administration continues their policy of abandonment.

The “right-wing domestic terrorists” that Cenk Uygur has in mind are not in the same ballpark. They’re not in the same city. Not even the same state. And most definitely not in the same country.

Simply put, if this is the route Cenk Uygur wants to go, he’d better buckle up. Because it’s bumpy as hell.