All CNN’s John Berman can say about this clip featuring progressive Democratic Rep. Jamaal Bowman is “whoa”:

Is it a bad thing to be likened to Cocaine Mitch, the Grim Reaper of the GOP? Apparently it’s supposed to be. Not sure why. We’d take it as a compliment.

Probably a pretty safe bet.

Hitler? Do we hear a Hitler?

Seriously, though, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with Democratic Sen. Joe Manchin not supporting the For the People Act, which is not so much about voting rights as it is … not about voting rights.

Nothing. We’re not sure if John Berman actually knows that, but Jamaal Bowman should know it. Joe Manchin knows it.

He doesn’t seem to mind, no.

If we were the Democratic Party right now, we’d want to fight like hell to preserve the filibuster. Because the way things are going, they’re gonna want it sooner than they think: