Rand Paul kicked off the Memorial Day weekend festivities a little early today with some righteous indignation about reckless government spending on stupid and pointless things:

This is Rand Paul at his best, where he really shines.

Well, evidently some people out there don’t think it’s important to know where our money’s going, particularly at a time when the government is spending so damn much of it without any regard for the fact that the money’s not there to begin with.

Go figure that lefties are more upset about Rand Paul pointing out government waste than they are about government waste.


Maybe he does it because the Democrats refuse to be honest about how much money is wasted on things that don’t matter and don’t actually benefit Americans at all.

Considering how many trillions of nonexistent dollars Joe Biden wants to spend over the next several years, we’d actually say that government waste is a pretty big issue.

Yes. The government is spending. our. money. on. this. Maybe direct your outrage at them instead of at Rand Paul.