Earlier this year, Twitter-verified racist garbage person Tariq Nasheed got a white man fired from his job at a California Toyota dealership for pulling a black woman out of harm’s way at an L.A. protest.

Several months may have passed, but Nasheed remains more committed than ever to humiliating and shaming white employees for being white.

You can practically see him smiling and giggling to himself as he shared this video of a white Holiday Inn Express employee being berated by a black customer:

We don’t know exactly what the “mistake” was, but that young man’s response seemed like he was more than just embarrassed. He may have some mental health issues as well. And even if that was just “a nervous breakdown,” we fail to see what’s so amusing about it.




This will probably come as a huge shock to you, but after having nearly 24 hours to think about what he’s done, Tariq Nasheed is not even a little bit sorry for humiliating that Holiday Inn Express employee for racism’s sake:

We’re not sure whether or not that post was actually written by the young man in the video, but the fact that Nasheed believes he wrote it and therefore acknowledges that the man has a mental health disorder and is still trying to humiliate him makes this all that much worse.