Yesterday, David Hogg did what he does best and spouted off ignorantly, this time about the importance of gutting law enforcement:

Hogg’s vision extends to schools as well:

The video is indeed difficult to watch, though it’s worth noting that police were reportedly called after the boy allegedly punched his teacher in the chest and swore at her.

In any event, it’s hardly evidence that the answer to school violence is fewer police officers, as Andrew Pollack, father of slain Parkland student Meadow Pollack painfully reminded Hogg:

Knowing what we know about the Parkland shooting, it’s understandable that Hogg would feel let down by law enforcement. The sheriff’s department absolutely failed Stoneman Douglas students. His classmates are dead because the people who swore to protect them chose instead to leave them vulnerable.

So how is continuing to leave students vulnerable the answer?

Are there bad apples? Without a doubt. But Hogg’s letting social justice cloud his judgment, and his view is dangerously naïve.