Self-described unemployed freelance writer David Klion thinks it’s high time News Corp pay for their crimes. What crimes, exactly? Well, being liked by Donald Trump. News Corp and everyone who works there deserves to be punished, and David’s got a plan:

Here’s a screenshot, since David has protected his tweets (which is against the rules for blue-checks like him):

Don’t you have to be convicted to be a felon?

But we digress. Back to David’s brilliance:

And David plans to do that by … threatening everyone who works for a news organization he doesn’t like?

Brian Stelter should be saddling up his white horse right about now. Journalism is being threatened as we speak!

Rally your fellow firefighters, Brian! The press is under attack!

It’s OK when the Left does it.

David Klion should probably get used to disappointment.

Something tells us you’re right. But if nothing else, David’s taught us a valuable lesson:

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