Just to update you on this tragic story we told you about on Friday. . .

. . .we’re starting to learn new details about the missing Texas National Guard trooper.

He’s been identified as Bishop E. Evans, 20, of Arlington Texas:

Meanwhile, President Biden is golfing today:

According to authorities, “the people he tried to save were drug smugglers”:

And, as our colleague Katie Pavlich notes, “President Joe Biden has not issued a statement yet about this drowning” and “It’s been two days since the incident”:

Bill Melugin has a new video today from this area of the border that shows “a group of migrants with children” run past Mexican police officers and jump into the Rio Grande:

Some members of the group couldn’t make it across yet they still did not want to allow the Border Patrol agents to rescue the children:


And, yet, it continues:



Jen Psaki makes it clear the WH has ZERO intention of apologizing for smearing border patrol agents

Jen Psaki makes it clear that people who enter the US illegally are ‘free to travel’ after crossing the border


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