Rep. Thomas Massie announced his office will not order takeout from any DC restaurants that require proof of vaccination to dine indoors, adding “We will get our food from Virginia or we will bring it to work”:

Or maybe hire a personal chef?

Why, yes, we would like Chef Gruel as our personal office chef:

Rep. Massie is right, of course, as there are also First Amendment issues at play here:

And who wants to tell Dr. Eric Feigl-Ding that mandate-free Virginia under soon-to-be Gov. Glenn Youngkin doesn’t really fit his description of the state?

Eleanor Holmes Norton, DC’s representative in the House, added that she will offer sandwiches to any Massie staffer this weekend, but only if they’re vaccinated:

And she hopes to turn it into a media circus:

Blue-checks, as you would guess, are having a little fun with this one:


But we would think that restaurant managers who were kept in business by people not afraid to eat out *during* the pandemic would understand that penalizing those same people now is maybe not the best business strategy?